maqam buidings
maqam buidings

Maqam Company for investment
real estate development limited

We were founded in 2021 based on an ambitious vision.
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Mohammed Hussein Al-Ashwal

Speech of the General Manager

At this stage, we are promoting transformation in the field of real estate development through real estate development projects carried out by Moqam Investment and Real Estate Development Company Ltd. Its investment projects include real estate cities projects, administrative and commercial complexes, hotels and tourist resorts... etc., based on creative and ambitious thinking to meet the needs and requirements of economic growth and contribute to the process of national and cultural development.

Moqam Investment and Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. adopts advanced engineering concepts, techniques, modern management methods and systems, with deliberate expansion in this field, to achieve balanced growth of the company and complete projects according to regulations with specific goals, and this has a positive impact on the interests of investors and consumers alike.

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Our Team

We have distinguished administrative and engineering cadres with long experience in the Yemeni labor market, which qualifies us to implement projects of all types and sizes.

Our Goals

Enhancing the real estate development sector by investing in large-scale innovative projects using modern administrative and technical methods and means.
Upgrading the administrative and professional work in the company to achieve its future vision.
Contribute to the economic growth of the country through real estate development projects.
Creating and providing feasible real estate investment opportunities with a high return to serve shareholders and investors.
Effective contribution to changing the general appearance of the modern Yemeni architectural environment.
Achieving customer confidence and aspirations by meeting their requirements with quality, excellence and innovation.

our message

Improving the methods and means of real estate development through creativity and innovation in the concept, design and implementation methods so that it is managed and operated in a way that meets and achieves the goals and ambitions of investors and customers.

our vision

We implement large-scale and distinguished real estate development projects with a confident vision to always be a leader in innovation, development and excellence.